How to Advertise and Sell Your Car – Top Tips

When the time comes to part with a set of wheels, it’s important to organise an efficient sale which means you get value while letting it go for a price which will attract customers and get them a reasonable deal in the process. People often assume an outlay will be involved, but there are ways to attract interest in your vehicle for free. A few simple hints and tips can also make your car stand out, catching the eye of any potential purchasers.

Do your homework

To start with, have a look around at classified car adverts from a range of sources, paying particular attention to vehicles which are of the same make and age as your own. The web can provide an excellent resource for car related issues – from finding car insurance cover to comparing vehicle prices – it can give you a huge database of information at your fingertips. Using a range of different media, you should be able to get a good idea of the going market rate for what you own. Mileage is also crucial, as a car which is three or four years old could be more expensive than one which is only a couple of years old if it has a very low mileage. Look in the local press and pay particular attention to the car classifieds, and try the newspaper’s online listings as well. There also a wide range of listings magazines and online locations like Auto Trader to compare prices.

Think about taking a trip to one or two of your local supermarkets. Many of them run public notice boards which allow you to put up a sale notice for nothing. You can normally write your advert on a card which will be on the board for all to see for a set period of time, all you have to do is write your note and include your contact details. This could be an effective and simple way of reaching a large number of potential buyers for free.

If this fails to deliver results, remember your car itself can be turned into a walking advert. Write or print your own ‘for sale’ sign giving the car’s details, asking price and your contact number and stick it in the rear or rear side windows, remembering not to put them somewhere where they will obscure your view if you’re driving it. A sign in a car window sticks out in public car parks, and anyone who is in the market for a new vehicle is likely to at least take a quick look. Think about where you live as well, if you live on a main road which has a lot of passing motorists and pedestrians, park your car in a safe spot, again with a visible sign on it. Hey presto, you have another advert for free with a large potential audience.

Clean and tidy

Your car’s appearance is also important. If it’s constantly dirty and messy, it’s unlikely to look too appealing to any potential buyers. Give it a good all round clean inside and out. Hoover the upholstery and consider getting it waxed too for an extra high-visibility finish. An old car can look like new with a few simple cleaning touches. Try and keep this level of appearance up while it is advertised so you are prepared for any potential buyer to view it at short notice.

If you choose to advertise in the local press or online, price your car sensibly – too high and it will attract no interest whatsoever, too low and some people may even be suspicious, assuming it has something wrong with it. Ensure you have all the right documentation in place like the logbook, and as full a service history as you can manage, with all the invoices and receipts for any work you have had done on it, plus the last MOT certificate. Incomplete paperwork can make buyers wary and question why there are things missing.

Parking Camera – Parking Has Never Been Easier!

Parking has always been one of the most difficult things car owners have to do. There have been a pretty vast number of accidents that took place in the event of parking a car. With that being said, it makes good sense if manufacturers try to increase safety level by developing a parking camera which will assist car owners in terms of car parking.

Speaking of car parking camera, car owners will be able to find quite a lot of options available in most cases. However, one recommended option is the parking camera that comes manufactured with dynamic lines. Top class cars usually come manufactured with such a parking camera. However, fortunately, for those whose car may not be in the highest class – which also means the car has no such camera, this kind of car parking cameras are pretty easy to install.

This car parking camera – also known as the Intelligent P

Hiring a Car

If you are planning on hiring a car at Malaga Airport then I am confident that you will find this article extremely useful and it will no doubt answer some of the questions you may have regarding renting a car at Malaga Airport.

The reason I say this is due to the fact that I have lived in Malaga now for over 2 years, and within that period I have needed to hire a car many, many times, so I can confidently speak from experience when it comes to hiring a car at Malaga Airport.

There are over 20 car hire firms that operate out of Malaga Airport although only 10 of these are in fact based within the terminal building and airport grounds. Depending who you book your car hire through you will either be supplied a hire vehicle by a car hire company based at the airport or through a company that is in fact based off-site.

Sometimes the only way to find this out is after you have actually made your booking and printed out your car hire voucher which will indicate what car hire company is supplying your rental vehicle. If the voucher shows a contact telephone number to call once you have arrived at Malaga airport then you can almost be certain that the car hire company supplying your rental car is based off site.

This is common practice these days as everyone is looking for the cheapest car hire deal and this usually means booking your hire car through an affiliated website for example as many car hire companies offer great deals through these avenues and you can save a lot of money this way instead of booking direct.

In my experience, around 80% of the time you will be picking up your vehicle from a company based at the airport otherwise it will be with a company based off site. However, an off site car hire firm is nothing to worry about and all it means is catching a free courtesy minibus that will promptly transfer you to the off site location which is never more than 5 minutes away.

Of course everybody has their own opinion but I personally see it like this. If you are collecting your hire car from Malaga airport then yes, it is a simple case of heading directly to the counter, sorting all the necessary paperwork and collecting your car from the car park. Alternatively, if you are collecting your vehicle from a car hire firm based off site then you may need to make a call once you have collected your luggage or possibly just meet the free courtesy minibus driver in the arrivals hall.

Where the latter seems more time consuming do not forget that in general, 80% of the time, passengers are collecting their vehicle from a car hire company based at the airport which often means that once you reach the car hire desk at the airport there will more than likely be a queue of people waiting to collect their keys, especially during peak seasons. On the other hand an off site car hire company may only have a limited number of people, if any at all, so you may in fact end up saving time this way.

Another point worth noting is that once you have collected your rental car from the airport car park you then need to find your way out and join the usually congested airport access road to join the N-340 national road to head either east or west along the coast. Some of the off site companies are based nearer to the N-340 national road which could also mean that you get to set off to your holiday destination that little bit sooner.

All in all, I personally do not mind whether the company I am hiring a vehicle from is based on site or off site. Their is pros and cons to both scenarios so my point is do not worry if you discover you have hired a car with a company based off site after you have confirmed your booking. Alternatively, if you are searching for a great deal and happen to come across a company that is based off site then go for it, you really do not have anything to lose and you may even end up saving yourself a bit of time as well as money.

Something else I have discovered by hiring so many cars through various different companies is that each car hire company has their own unique policies. The fuel policy is something which can vary considerably where one company will supply the tank full, to return full, and another will supply the tank full to return empty! How you are supposed to return the tank empty I will never know.

To be honest it is understandable how some of the car hire firms enforce these policies as it is one way for them to claw back some of the profits they lose from offering such cheap deals at certain times of the year. In any case, I have heard of plans to make all car hire firms adhere to the same fuel policy of supply full and return full although nothing has been confirmed as of yet. It would certainly make more sense for all concerned.

If the policy is to return full then you will usually be asked to leave a deposit for the average amount that a full tank of fuel will cost which will be refunded upon your return. If the policy is to return empty then no deposit needs to be paid. A useful tip to remember if you are required to return the tank empty is to use the on board computer that the majority of modern cars now have these days. Select the fuel consumption mode so you can easily tell how many kilometres you have left before you run out.

Many people end up leaving quite a bit of fuel still left in the tank when they are told to bring the tank back empty and this is how the car hire firms manage to get a bit more money out of you. When the fuel light comes on there is usually still around 150km left in the tank so by using the on board computer you can be sure to near enough return the tank empty without the worry of running out of fuel!

If you are only hiring a vehicle for a few days or just a weekend for example then you can rest assured that it will mostly be a case of returning the tank full as the car hire companies understand that you may not get through a full tank of fuel during your trip. Also, there is the option of an additional driver. Again this varies and sometimes you can add an additional driver free of charge.

Sometimes I think it may just be a case of being served by a generous car hire representative on the day as I have hired a car with one same company several times and sometimes it is free and other times it is not so be aware of this. If there is a charge for an additional driver then this is generally an average of around 5 euros per day with a maximum charge that varies from company to company from 20 euros to 40 euros regardless of the car hire duration.

Finally, be sure to check over your rental car thoroughly and make sure that any dents or scratches are brought to the attention of the car hire firm representative and noted down accordingly, otherwise you may be the victim of being accused for damage that someone else has caused.