How To Get Video On The Web 4 Simple Steps To Creating Online Video

With the advent of broadband Internet access and the proliferation of free video hosting sites like YouTube,, Revver and, today anyone with a camcorder and an Internet connection can produce a video and share it with the world. Producing video for the Web can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Some benefits include:

o Free or low-cost publicity and exposure for your company

o Instant access to a worldwide audience on the Web, 24/7

o The ability to use your video hosting site’s HTML code to add the video to your own Web site

Here are 4 simple steps for getting your video on the web:

1. Produce a short video
“Short” is the key word here, for several reasons: First, online viewers have a much shorter attention span when watching video on the Web. Second, longer videos mean larger file sizes. Most free video hosting sites have a 100MB limit; some even less. For great, do-it-yourself, online video tools, visit Serious Magic and look at their inexpensive “Vlog It” software. Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio software may also meet your needs for simple video production.

2. Output your video for online viewing
Once you’ve got your video, it still needs to be encoded and compressed to make it “Internet-friendly.” Video files can be enormous, but compression software shrinks the video file size so it plays more smoothly on the Web. Remember to save or export your file to an online-compatible size, which is 320 X 240 resolution; and compress it so it’s under 20MB, if possible. Be sure to save your video file in a format that most video sites accept, such as a Quicktime movie (.mov), a Windows movie (.wmv) or Flash (.flv) file. QuickTime Pro (for Windows or Mac) is ideal for compressing your video and transferring it to whatever file format you prefer (Windows, Flash, MPEG).

3. Upload to several free video hosting sites
Now comes the fun part – You get to upload your video and share it with the world! Most of the popular video sites have relatively easy upload instructions: First, you’ll have to create an account for each site. The video hosting sites usually have a two or three step process that allows you to browse for your video file on your computer; add a title and description; and then click “upload” to post your video file. Most sites will also give you options for adding a thumbnail photo, selecting your genre or category or, in some cases, signing up for revenue sharing. I suggest that you go beyond the obvious sites like YouTube and Yahoo, and upload your video to some of the newer, more feature-rich sites such as Veoh, Revver, iFilm and Stickam. Visit the individual sites for easy upload instructions.

4. Promote and share your new “online TV channel”
After you’ve uploaded your video, the video hosting sites provide the option of “sharing” your video by giving you a link/URL that you can e-mail to your contacts. Most sites also include a great feature that allows you to copy the HTML code and “embed” the video into your own website or blog. Simply cut and paste the code provided into your own site. Finally, use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to offer “subscriptions” to your online videos.

Follow these four steps and you can have your own video on numerous video websites and on your own home page, as well!

Sidebar: Beyond YouTube…:Everyone has their own favorite video site, from to, there are dozens of video hosting sites out there. I find the most “user-friendly” sites to be, VideoEgg and Veoh. For a video hosting site geared more toward business, check out

Finding Longstay Parking at East Midlands Airport

The East Midlands Airport (EMA) can be found in England’s heart, approximately 13 miles (21kms) southwest of Nottingham.

Because of my job as a sales manager I have to fly out of Nottingham about ten yearly times. I park my car on most occasions for a short duration at one of the better airport facilities the airport represents. While travelling I’ve done some research on the various East Midland Airport parking services so I’m not swanking when saying say that I know everything about the East Midlands airport parking agencies. Guess by now I’m an expert on the subject.

Whatever they might say, the lion’s share of the car parks offer the same service standards with exception of their fees, positions and regularity of their transfer services. The car parking amenities at and nearby the East Midlands airport generally provides quality services, straightforward check-in procedures and top class security.

The East Midlands airport only operates from one terminal but the facility provides long, medium and short-term parking options. The long-stay car park is situated within walking distance from the airport grounds and is linked to the terminal building by free transfer service. Booking your long-duration parking space online in advance can reduce the rate significantly while you will often also save a few pounds on short and medium-term parking. The short-stay spaces can be found nearby the terminal building and fees are payable by credit cards at one of pay stations. The medium term car park, which operates a free and frequent shuttle bus, is positioned within easy walking distance of the airport terminal building.

I think both Nottingham East Midlands Airparks and the East Midlands on site car parking offer the most convenient services. These two parks are comfortably located nearby the terminal. Short, medium (up to four days) and long-term parking spaces can all be reserved in advance online. East Midlands Airparks Services operates an of airport park which is located not too far away from the terminal building. Check-in procedures at the car parking sites are very easy and you can be sure your car is safe while you are travelling. A third option might be the Prestige indoor airport parking facility. Their parking site is situated on the airport perimeter. The British Parking Association has awarded the facility with the Park Mark award. Check-in procedures here as well are very easy.

If you want to avoid wasting a great deal of time and effort by asking around at the airport about information on the available car parking services you better pre-book your parking space online. As a frequent user of the available car parks at East Midland airport I would like to mention the websites below. They offer the most competitive deals on car parking. Have a good trip!

Video Marketing Tips – How to Produce Videos Fast

Video marketing can be a great way to drive traffic to your websites and build relationships with your potential customers and clients. But, I have run into the problem of videos taking all day to produce and get up on the web. So, I needed to figure out how to produce videos fast. I needed to learn how I could do 2 to 3 videos in an hour and a half or less.

This is the only way I could see that video marketing could be beneficial to me. If I cannot do it this quickly than it was just a waste of my time. So, I started looking at different ways to produce my videos so that I could get the most amount of videos done in the quickest amount of time possible.

In this article I want to talk about how you can produce your videos fast. That way, you can get your videos produced and out there on the web as quickly as possible.

First, I use a video camera that is really conducive of getting videos produced fast. That video camera is called the Flip Video Ultra. This camera is pocket-sized and allows you to carry it around with you wherever you go. So, if you get the inspiration for a video all you need to do is pull it out and shoot the video. It is as simple as that.

Next, the Flip Video Ultra will plug directly into your computer and you can upload it right to YouTube. So, this makes uploading and producing video super-fast. That is why I really love this camera.

Next, you can use a program called Camtasia. Camtasia is a screen capture software that will allow you to capture the screen in video format. You can have audio and everything. This software is really cool. All you need to do is open up your browser, start the program, and begin recording. Then, once you’re done you can edit and produce the video very quickly and get it up onto the major video sharing sites in no time flat.

These are two methods I use to produce videos fast so I can get them done and move on to other marketing techniques. Once you start using these two programs you can really see how it becomes easy to get as many videos out on the web as possible. But, you need to start making videos. That is the only thing holding you back right now. If you never start you’ll never have any videos up on the Internet. So, go start making videos today and produce them fast.